PUNXofRAGE Issue #0 Original & Remixx Digital Download


This is continuing the PUNXofRAGE Saga.

Rage Cit baby!

This was the jump off PUNXofRAGE 0 plus the Remixx issue.

This is a solid introduction to the PUNXofRAGE universe. The origin of the Violators chief Smilez is solidified and Dodger and Reaction get their hands dirty battling some of the roughnecks that inhabit the city.

Stanley Weaver & Whitney Barber are on issue 0 Interiors Ozzie Martin is on the Interiors for the remixx. Stanley Weaver On the cover. Jaw dropping artwork. A comic book Remix for those who have PUNXofRAGE issue 0 this will have a familiar feel but still very different.

32 Pages of Digital Heat

PUNXofRAGE Creative Team.

Joe Robinson Currie:Creator/Writer

Whitney Barber: Cover & Interior artist

Christian Alvarado: Cover artist

Ozzie Martin: Interior artist

Stanley Weaver: Cover & Interior artist